Tuesday, January 03, 2006

vagaries of cricket rules!!

I dont know why LBW decidion is never considered when ball is pitched outside the leg stump ? If a ball swirling past the pads and were to dislodge the bails ,batsman is given out !!
I think this is unfair to legspinners particularly Shane Warne, It's a beauty to see him getting batsman bowled by pitching the ball around the legs. But sad to see the batsman getting reprived when the ball hit the pads. What would have been tally of Warne's wickets if this rule wasn't there and how relieved the spectators would have been if they were not subjected to seeing cricket played by pads than bat.
This thought came when I saw today, in Austarlia v/s South africa 3rd test , Warne getting the shaun pollack comprehensively beaten by turn and swirl and hitting it right in front of the stump but umpire Billy Bowden declared Pollock notout as the ball had just fractionally pitched out the side the leg stump. sharp eyes of Billy Bowden and correct decidion though!!


Blogger Nandan said...

I agree completely. I have no idea what's the logic behind it.

7:26 PM  

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