Tuesday, December 13, 2005

look who is staring

Steve Waugh in his upcoming autobiography mentions about staring passion of Indians. He remarks that if there is an Olympic event for staring, the Indians would win the gold hands down. How correct he is in observing this trait of Indians.
In India, most woman if they are white skinned foreigners are subjected to continuous stare. If she is new to the country, she would wonder if something is wrong with her attire or face, but as she gets accustomed to staring conditions, she realizes this is the norm. Indians alone dont take honours in this unique attribute, most of the subcontinent people including middle east are prone to this. Is it something to do with inquistiveness or innate talent of being curious ?

Here is a list of people and things that we stare at.
Foreigners (especially whites and Africans)
Film actors and these days TV serial performers
Teenagers in the neighbourhood
Women in general (only men)
Women in jeans and tops
Women wearing heavy make-up
Women wearing sleeveless blouse
Women wearing noodle-strap attire
Women wearing low-hip saris
Women riding two-wheelers
Women driving four-wheelers
Women smoking
Men wearing ear rings
Sales girls
Street brawls
Accident victims
New cars
Anything new
Couple who hold their hands in public
Couple who display their affection for each other in public
Smutty posters
Sleazy ads
Marriage processions
Funeral processions
Parties at neighbourhood
When a neighbour (male) talks to any woman other than his family
When a neighbour (female) talks to any man other than her family
When a male colleague talks to a female colleague
When a female colleague talks to a male colleague
When men laugh aloud
When women laugh aloud
Is there anything that is left out ?


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