Friday, October 21, 2005


Whats in a name ?

Scrabble was popular game in school days but it was frustrating not to get high scores with poor stock of vocabulary. Later interest shifted to cross word puzzles – thanks to evening newspapers like Mid Day and Afternoon. Anagrams didn’t interest much till internet came and brought out those wonderful gizmos – anagram generators. Now it’s indeed a fun play with words.

Someone once said, "All the life's wisdom can be found in anagrams” So true. !!

Put your name in Anagram Generator “ “ and see amazing results. You can even tell this generator to choose number of words, number of syllables in a particular word or even begin with a particular word. This is just fun.

Here are some mischievous, fascinating, philosophical anagrams: :

The Morse code : Here come dots
The Detectives : Detect Thieves
Eleven plus two :Twelve plus one
Debit card :Bad credit
Animosity :Is No Amity
Astronomer Moon starer
Conversation Voices rant on
The Country Side : No City Dust Here
President Clinton of the USA :To copulate he finds interns
Princess Diana :Ascend in Paris
Evangelist : Evil's Agent
Halley's Comet :Shall yet come
Mother-in-law :Woman Hitler
A decimal point :I'm a dot in place
Dormitory :Dirty room
Payment received :Every cent paid me
A Telephone Girl : Repeating "Hello"
Allied Force : Oil-led farce
Desperation :A rope ends it
The eyes :They see
The earthquakes :That queer shake
Election results Lies : let's recount
The Morse Code : Here Come Dots
Bill Gates :I get balls !!
Year Two Thousand :A Year to Shut Down
Woody Allen :Lewd loony
Marriage :A Grim Era
Slot machines: Cash lost in 'em
The Hurricanes :These churn air
The public art galleries : Large picture halls, I bet
It's ironical that word "anagram' does not have any anagram.


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