Saturday, September 10, 2005

wow...what a business !!!!!!!

This is a business model that would make Donald Trump, Bill Gates and reviewers of Harvard business Journal jealous. It is not just a model, but centuries old thriving business in India that has proven to have sustained all economic cyclical patterns.

Like any other business, this business too requires an asset - machinery- , raw materials and customers for the finished product consumption. Business fundamentals remain the same but mechanism is vastly different and innovative. In order to start this business , you do not require any license; possess any formal education or business skills. You do not need to own any premises nor need to pay any rent for the same. Here raw material suppliers offer not just timely supplies but even pay cash for these supplies ; your asset (machinery) may be marginally get depreciated , but over the years adds tremendous value addition – in fact handsome capital appreciation. The finished product always has demand – in fact it is a sought after commodity -that requires no selling efforts and paid in cash. There is no Industrial waste in this business venture. On the contrary, the waste has multifold tangible benefit – both cash and in kind – and has tremendous business opportunity of its own.

Are you intrigued by such a business?

This business thrives in major cities - mostly in temple premises. Here a woman keeps neatly stacked bundles of fresh grass, customers – devotees to the temple -willingly approaches business premises, procure her grass by paying cash and feed her cow. Its matter of time , in a matter of time - cow is ready to churn healthiest food product–Milk and over the years provide generous dividend in terms healthy calves. The milk is sold in the market against immediate cash. The waste – cow dung, urine provide is a thriving business by itself with numerous benefits as follows :

Fuel - cow dung patties for cooking.
Fertilizer - composting makes it even more powerful.
Heat source - cow dung is naturally hot -compost makes hotter put in glass house to heat glass house or run pipes thru it to get hot water.
Purifier - natural antiseptic qualities
Floor coating - used mixed with mud and water on floors in mud houses. Improves water absorption of mud. Prevents muddy puddles resulting from spilt water.
Skin tonic - mixed with crushed neem leaves smeared on skin - good for boils and heat rash.
Smoke producer - smoldering cow patties keep away mosquitoes.
Pot cleaner - used dry absorbs oil and fat wet as a general cleaner
Brass polisher - tamarind removes oxidation - wet ashes polishes
Fertilizer - alkaline - cow dung ash is basically lime with a few other mineral mixed in
Mud additive - dries up slippery mud puddles, - mud and lime (cow dung ashes) becomes like cement.
Pond PH balancer - thrown into pond neutralizes acid.

Isn’t this business fascinating? No Investment, Excellent cash flow, Assured business returns and above all tremendous customer goodwill!!


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