Thursday, June 16, 2005

Do you want to know me ??

Chinese calendar brands me a rat. (Yuck !!! ) So those of you who are keen to know me. Here are some of my facets :

How wonderful it to have unique talents of smelling out secrets of other people while keeping one’s intact. You are right !!! I am always busy fishing for secrets of others. I know this may appear somewhat meddlesome but believe me – my intentions are good. (most times!). I am aware of my weakness of indulging in talkative over trifles, captious, concerned for personal gains or losses. I just cannot suppress my desire to make unreasonable haggles, No wonder I often get deceived during endless haggling.

Just like rat, I can adapt to changing circumstances. I am willing to overcome multiple difficulties to reach my final goals. I am sober-minded and vigilant and posses an outstanding instinct, foresight, and sensitivity in business. Those so-called troubles often provide me an opportunity to show the excellence of me. I do have an excellent memory and exceptional insight. I am so curious that they I know almost everyone and everything and have a hobby of making records for every piece of life. Who knows I may have all ingredients to be an elite writer.

Those of you who care for me must note this. I shall always leave a route of retreat for myself that would help me exit safely and timely in case unexpected things happen. Therefore, if you want to get out of trouble, the best thing you can do is to follow my instructions. One of biggest weakness is that my energy is never focussed on one thing as I always want to do many things at a time. I am aware that this often- rather most times- become an obstacle in my way to success.

As much I am a predictor of danger and therefore able to protect me from going too far, I do get trapped due to slow decisions caused by my hobby of making haggles and “real buys”. How many times, I have learnt the disadvantage of greediness until I suffered financial loss. However, no matter what the situation is, you may not find me kneeling on my knees. I will get over the difficult position with my excellent adaptability. By nature, I am timid to the core.

Who knows , I might become popular like mickey mouse? On the surface, I may appear a little quiet. But this is not the truth. I am candid and honest. But my friendly manner may make others feel restrained. I am undoubtedly have a glib for communication finesse and do express myself in articulate manner. I am so fond of establishing my own group and derive my sustainence from varied individuals. I will never be bothered about the burden of life. I so easily allow relatives or friends to stay at my home and depend on them.

I may be easy to get along with but I won’t help everyone as generously with money except for those I love. Thus, if someone receives a valuable present from me, he must be highly valued by me. I am good at making careful calculation and strict budgeting and proud to have such ability. If I were to run my own company, I would easily get concerned about my employees . But, if were to about salary rise, I would not be that amenable. People will not get one paisa from me without endless negotiations and haggles.

I am real sentimentalist. I am deeply dependent on kids as well as the elder members of the family. I love to take good care of my parents and may never act as harsh as those born in the year of dragon. I completely trust my parents and try to meets every requirement from their side.

If you are Ox, beware you may get attracted to me as you would appreciate and depend on the loyalty provided by me. I can get along in perfect harmony with dragon people. Snake are welcome to form a moderate alliance with me. I can never resist charming monkey people and appreciate their way of doing business. On the other hand, monkey people are glad to follow my instructions. People born in the year of tiger, dog, pig, and rat will get along in perfect harmony with me. However, people born in the year of horse will have conflicts with me, since horse people are isolated and unfathomable while I always love to find partners. Roosters- stay away from me as you are idealists and my practical nature would only lead to acrimony. I also would like to run away from goat people, Knowing a generous-hearted goat person will squander all the saveings of me –a diligent rat person.


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