Monday, May 17, 2004

What’s my life been like?

Did it come as a hurricane ?
just to destroy everything that came in its laps,
with few people to remember me,
and more to forever hate me

or was it be like azure ocean ?
Beautiful, majestic yet inherent with turmoil,
whosoever sees and knows
creating a bit of awe and fear

or was it just a book that was never opened ?
never read and yet occupied coveted slot
that left no impression yet fitted with decor,
that touched not a soul yet hovered around their existence?

Maybe...Maybe it is a combination of the above,
with serenity of gentle, comforting touch
and gasps of indifference, intolerance

when I pass this earth
and look back from up above
I know they have forgotten me
but for sure they would let me sneak in their mind


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