Friday, February 06, 2004

I have thirsts

I read this poem somewhere.... i liked it so much that i saved it in my pc... i dont remember the poet but I wish I had written his/her name...

I have thirsts.
Thirsts for the unknown, experiences, new, the wild, out of my reach.......
If you know how to dance, show me your lead.
If you know how to play an instrument, perform for me.
If you have swirling images of poetry and unbound words, regale me
with them.
If you have climbed, jumped, or explored the vast expanse of the world,
whisper about the sights to me.
Touched foreign sands?
Breathed exotic spices?
Describe them to me and I will forever appreciate this.......
this quenching of my thirsts my passions, my desires......
it is beyond all of this.......
it makes me soar.
For it is the thirst for knowledge and the unknown that keeps me alive
and when the search stops......
then so does my heart.


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