Sunday, January 04, 2004

RD musical genius

Even though RD is not with us for past 10 years, a day is not passed when his music is not part of our daily musical existence. His music mesmerism can only be exemplified with his fan following ranging from next generation kids to senior citizens. These days when every second day, so called ‘popular remix’ is churned out from his songs and played on FM with an ludicrous attempt to mount DJ on musical pedestal without due recognition to the original composer, it cause great anguish to genuine music lovers.

Few days ago I was part of our gathering in Dubai to remember RD on his death anniversary on Jan 4th. The impact of this nostalgia took me to check if there was any review done on RD on . I was elated to find his name under category of ‘movie personality’ but was dismayed to find the place devoid of any remarks or comments.
It is too childish of me to write about RD and his music. I would like to invite music lovers on to the website of I believe this site sums up what RD and his creation is all about. I would be happy to see reviews on Because such reviews can help this site more enriching enabling music connoisseurs to offer tribute to RD and his memorable musical creation.
Though much has been said about his musical scores, little do we find mention on his innovation of musical instrument and his voice.

Some of his improvisations of instruments were Hudka, Pedal Matka, Bell tree, Murgesh, Dimdi. These have been aptly described and demonstarted by his collegaues who assisted in his musical creation. Hudka is small dholak but with percussion in the center gives different vibration. Daiyya re Daiyya from Carvan has used this . Pedal matka has big leather cap with matka below and leather strings tied around with Pedal below. This was used in Samne ye kaun aaya from Jawani Diwani and Mutthukodi Kawari Hada from Do Phool. Mugesh is Ghatam with leather ring. Dimdi is like a miniature Duff.Bell tree had cycle bell caps of different diameter fixed on one on top vertically and played by stick by moving from top to bottom . This is used with in Tere Liye Palkonki Zalar from Harjaee. He also introduced the electronic organ in India for the composition O mere sona re sona in Teesri Manzil.

Another unique identity of RD was his innovative shrill intonations used in Duniya mein logon ko (Apna Desh), Monica O my darling (Caravan),Mehbooba mehbooba (Sholay), Yamma yamma (Shaan), Samundar mein nahakar (Pukar),Sapna mera toot gaya (Khel khel mein) and Dil lena khel hai dildar ka (Zamane ko dikhana hai). Despite creating chartbusters over 30 years, RD got few recognition in terms of awards.

Though he was nominated 14 times for filmfare awards but got only for Sanam Teri Kasam and Masoom . His composition of Ijaazat won Gulzar and Asha National award. Its ironical that stupendous success for his 1942: A Love Story too came just few weeks after his death on Jan 4th.


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