Thursday, June 23, 2011


'Oerlikon' took me to a name ' Advani Oerlikon ' that was based in Pune. I have vague memory of they manufacturing 'welding electrodes' but I could be wrong. Over the years, Advani has disappeared but resurfaced again when we got down at 'Oerlikon' railway station to proceed to 'Rumlang'- our first destination of 10 day vacation in Switzerland.

No matter how frequently I travel or study before I travel, first day at the new destination is invariably 'faux pah'. I had used google map to find out train from Zurich airport to Rumlang. Why train ? because we had Swiss pass and wanted to use it. After clicking train, route gave me two trains with a stopover at 'Oerlikon'. We got down at a station which was no bigger than ' Talegaon' but with no signboards for 'Rumlang' and having a big suitcase, we decided to take a cab. Cabbie turned out to be from Ghana - who had studied in Mumbai and stayed in Juhu over 30 years ago. " Holiday Inn Express , Rumlang ' ? That's next to the airport !!!!... It took 50 CHF to reach a hotel , from whose window we could see planes taking off. ' Most foreign travelers do same mistake, they come to Holiday Inn city instead of Rumlang', he pacified me. But after a while I realized my folly. Google Map provides three options, Car, Tram and Train. I didn't pay attention to the subtle pictorial difference between Train and Tram.

Anyway, we reach Holiday Inn Express , Rumlang and realize that they provide free shuttle to airport and city. A big gain at the loss of no utilization of Swiss pass.



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