Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Pakistan - A sold out country

Ansar Abbasi in Pakistan newspaper 'Jung' has summed up the Pakistan's present predicament. When USA told Pakistan that Osama Bin Laden is Jihadi, Pakistan immediately made him hero. When USA made him terrorist, Pakistan believed them. When they said Osama is culprit for 9/11, Pakistan decided to cooperate USA and kill him. Now USA came to Pakistan without asking and killed Osama and buried in the sea. USA became happy so Pakistan is happy too. All this is because of dollars shoved in Pakistan's pockets. Now the World has made Pakistan center of terrorism and on the other side Pakistan has provoked Al Quaida and Taliban to be their enemy. Either way, Pakistan will be crushed. Has anybody thought about this ?



Blogger phoenix said...

More than anyone else its Pakistan who need to think & act on philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi 'Eye for an eye will make the world blind'.
Terrorism, abolishment, devastation gets back like a boom-rang & that’s what they are going through. It’s because of their own so called ‘ambition’. They are no way in competition with anyone about anything in the world besides Cricket. More than anything ‘Stagnancy’ will put them off to slumber.

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