Thursday, February 17, 2011

Tokyo to Narita via Wara Wara Izakaya

Ordering food over i pad connected by wi fi is a new novelty that I saw in Japanese restaurant. Screen is almost like an ebay or amazon with items listed with price and photo. Staff is limited to ferrying dishes. There is an SOS button that can ask for assistance. However , one is not sure if an order is recieved and how soon it would be ready. Perhaps next version shall have this in future. Food was good at Izakaya near Tokyo station . Edamame,Sushi, Yakitori was delicious at Wara Wara 藁藁 (わらわら) Izakaya.

David Beckam look a like dad tending his daughter - coloured african - was a cute sight at Crown Plaza at Narita. She was of same age as that of Akshta and equally energetic but once on b'fast table, she was well behaved letting her dad feed her. Wonder when Akshta would emulate her eating habits and manners !! Loss to Hilton Osaka was gain from Crown plaza at Narita . Item was Jacket hanger.



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