Sunday, February 20, 2011

Shivjayanti and Golf

What time Shivaji Maharaj was born ?
I asked my car driver who warned us about facing road traffic due to Shivajayanti celebrations. We still went ahead from Oxford Club to MG road in search of golf kit. We didn't encounter any wild celebrations but did see statures being garlanded or decorated. Akshta is familiar with Shivaji calling him 'fighter man'. MBIS had holiday y'day. Wonder if they did so as Shivjayanti came on Saturday.
We are getting familiar with environs of Oxford club and hopefully we would acquire enough skills to have a consistant wild swing to see the ball take long aerial route. Now it's all random hits. We bought Wilson golf kit and in the shop had chat with riped Sardar who was passionate about golf and its benefits. Another young kid of 8 year old came and asked for Golf kit. Akshta got her club with set of plastic balls. Now she needs green turf to practise in the garden.

Tomorrow at Bohemian restaurant there is a promotion on wine with Mediterranean food. That would be a welcome change after Teppenyaki,Izakaya, Sake,Sochu.



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