Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Japan in winter

Anupam Kher once commented about an incident that changed his behaviour as a acting professional. This happened at Chennai where he had gone for a movie shoot. He was sitting in a studio that was stuffy and warm in the Chennai sultry Summer. Being used to privileged lifestyle accorded to movie actors , his tolerance level was low and so were his vagaries. He was in a foul mood of being subjected to such discomfort in the Chennai summer and heat . But soon he noticed Amitabh Bacchan sitting opposite him in attire of ‘ Shahenshah”. He was wearing no less than 1o kg of heavy armaments but wihout any grimace of any complaint. He asked Amitabh how could he manage this. Amitabh just smiled and said this is part of the profession. I too was impressed by this incident narrated by Anupam Kher and have consistently tried my best not to get perturbed by external comforts as long as they are not result of a shoddy workmanship or poor attitude.

I am flying over China somewhere close to Kuming at 35ooo ft. Travel from Tokyo to Mumbai would take almost 13 hours and it was a mystery why would it take extra 4 hours. Small aircraft, against the wind and stop over at Fukuyoka were the possible reasons. This business jet with all business class and just 36 passengers and four crew members appears more like a restaurant than a public transportation.

Yamazaki Single malt is smooth . One of the best I have tasted so far. I did it on bullet train from Osaka – Yokohama and soon had another one at Odate in the company of Minako and her manager. Ms Minako was stern but a perfect manager to take control of her customers. Her manager was smart and more sociable. This was my first experience of ‘ modern geisha’ where combination of charm, attentive skills are put to best to make stressed business executives relax and enjoy the company.

I had no inkling that three days of my stay in Japan would let me witness the beauty of winter and snow. Shiba prefecture had lovely setting of lake Biwa and Chinese buffet spread was exquisite. As we reached Otsu factory in Shiba prefecture, snow flakes started sprinkling and as we went to North part of Japan – in Akita prefecture – it was snow all over. My early memories of snow was in Akron, Seattle and Iran but nothing would match the one what I witnessed in last three days in Japan. Clean white snow flakes, good visibility, clear roads made the journey enjoyable.



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