Friday, September 10, 2010

Ukadiche Modak

There is saying in Marathi that if a girl could make 'Ukadiche Modak' or 'Puran Poli', she could preapre any cuisine. I tried my hand at Ukadiche Modak first time. Thanks to Khana Khajana with Bharati Acharekar, I managed to try it without a major fiasco. Jaggery had already turned into stone so it was difficult to measure its quantity in proportion to the coconut. It turned out bit more juicy, thereby making it bleed from the rice cover. We also had aluminium mold that could shape it like a modak but the fun was giving it a shape with fingers. It turned out with every conceivable shape from 'crispy chicken' to ' batata wada' but it did taste like a modak.
In my school days, there was a poem in Marathi named 'pola' on a festival to honour farming companion bull. I had forgotten about this festival till our neighbour came with their son carrying wooden ' bailoba'. Its indeed nice of her to carry this indian rural tradition in a distant land. This is a day of a cow , ox or bull and they must be waiting with great expectation.On this day, they can breathe free with rope that was tied all year round his nostrils is given away. A massage with paste of turmeric powder and ground nut oil, followed by hot water bath and served khichadi by his master. A day to be at beauty parlour with horns being decorated and body is adorned with colorful ornaments and flower garlands. In India, every animal has his day and this day belong to the bull.
Tomorrow is Ganesh Chaturthi and our annual date with Maharashtra Mandal be there for next five days .


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