Monday, August 02, 2010

HP sales Basics

It's almost three decades that I had my first exposure to this term but lessons taught by HP sales basics stayed, nourished and shaped my attitude and continues to be so. The written stuff was interesting but video presentation was more gripping. I remember borrowing bulky UMatic tapes from Blue Star video library over the weekend and watch them with great passion. A good coach would make those lessons live and vibrant with role playing techniques. Telephone speaking, non verbal communication, Art of Listening, making a proposal, Benefits versus Features and above all passionate zeal to lead a life.

India lacks smart, great sales people. Era of salesmanship has now arrived. Prior to liberalization, an art of bribing Govt officials, securing licence and approvals shaped the path of success. Post liberalization, flurry of foreign investments created many job opportunities. With euphoria for foreign touch, customers flocked and art of salesmanship had to wait. Now with global recession, most foreign companies have headed towards India as a favoured destination. Products are available in plenty, competition is severe, and margins are shrinking. A great opportunity for those with skills of Salesmanship. If I were to succeed, I must have a team that has selling talent. Not just for selling goods but ideas, services and approach.

As I start working on short training package, the following subject reverberates in my mind, most of them dating back to the days of HP sales basics Sales - arts of science? Is sales man born or developed? Steps of sales process: Contact, Qualify. Investigate Presentation and Close. Human behaviour aggressive and responsive - Driver, Expressive, Analytical, Amiable. Type of customers - Order Signatory, Decision Maker, Influencer, End User, Facilitator. Perfect glue that Ensures success is handling objections, a thorough understanding of the process, players and their roles. Communication skills -Verbal - written, spoken, presentation and Non verbal, Telephone skills Product and Applications, General Knowledge. What would be my message? Understand Analyze and Act immediately Be Sincere Passionate and innovative, Develop Patience, Learn the act of ' Listening ' be on the edge. Be on the forefront, be adaptable for change and be Visionary. India is a young country: there are always more and more young people who are more knowledgeable than you, willing work extra hours and at a lesser salary. Know your weakness and overcome them! Quickly and now. Keep your feet to the ground. Don't get overwhelmed by success or downtrodden by failure. Wow... this is turning out to be great course material for sales management!!

Thank you HP Sales Basics.



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