Monday, June 14, 2010

Lessons from the long trip

Three week away from Singapore and I feel like being away for almost over few months. Travel by air, road, power boat, subway train, tram, ferry and even a toy car.
  • Meeting people from different continents and nations. Savouring cuisine from Cuba, Brazil, china to India along with sipping Tequila and her variants every other day.
  • Reaching for glimpse of far away galaxies and witnessing dazzling display of birth and death of stars through Hubble telescope.
  • Meeting lazy Indian lions at Gir Forest in Florida .
  • Being with Disney characters and seeing joy on the face Akshta.
  • Playing three set match TT match with Gautam and realizing that skills learnt at early years stay good.
  • Experiencing staying in the spacious home in America, sipping tea on the green lawn and consoling oneself that Singapore modest apartment is more expensive than American big home.
  • Appreciate the efficiency and safety of Singapore after constant reminder of words like being mugging, cops and downtown scare.
  • What it is like being a customer on Singapore Airlines or even Thai, Malaysia or Emirates can be sensed after one travels through US carriers.
  • Admiring the meticulous and thorough systems of Disney World and the passion every Disney employee exudes no matter what his or her job is.
  • Every socialist country makes their governing place as the centre of universe and her people as a distant object. Moscow or New Delhi, if you stay close to the power, you have a great life ; further away, you are at your mercy.
  • South Americans, you enjoy the life. Indians: worry, worry and one day die under the weight of worry.
  • If Singapore is a city nestled in the greenery, USA is a jungle nestled among cluster of cities.
  • The depth and the reach of McDonalds can be felt only one drives across different states. Free Wi-Fi, clean toilets - M sign made us feel like being our home on every exit.
  • I feel sorry for Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama states. You are like our Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh and north east. You deserve a better deal.
  • Nothing is free in US. A cloth bag to keep exorbitantly priced souvenirs cost a dollar and half; mobile phone charging at the airport cost US$3 for 30 minutes. What are free are plastic spoons, fork, tissue papers and salt packets.
  • Everything is big in US. A small sized pizza is bigger than our large size one. A medium coffee is enough for one Indian family.
Questions that come to my mind.
  • Why can't we fill up Yamuna river with water and have boat rides overlooking Taj like they have in Moscow ?
  • Why can’t Indian Govt lease out all our tourist places to private companies keeping only security with them ?
  • Why can't we have a subject of crowd management in business schools? It is an essential skill managing country of one billion.
  • Why can't we make every eatery joint mandatory to house a public toilet in their premises?
  • Why can’t Govt provide incentive to the companies who want to run toilet as a commercial enterprise?
  • Why can't we bring back old fashioned ways of serving tea in mud cups, fruits in leaf cones and serving food in banana leaf plates?
  • Why can't any Indian develop vending machine for coins than pleading with shopkeeper for a change?



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