Saturday, June 05, 2010

At Kennedy space center, Florida

We arrived a month later after President Obama made a visit to this place. He came by Airforce 1 while we came by Red Impala

We began our a day tour with two IMAX movies , one on Hubble telescope and other on ' walking on moon' followed by visit to a model of ' Explorer' , a walk around the gallery of space exhibits and then a bus tour. Akshta had no interest in any of this. Holding to her 3D glasses was nuisance for her. She was more keen to role her chair back and squeeze her leg inside. Moon, Rocket and Astronaut meant nothing . What excited her most was a jumping sparrow and ice cubes in the cold drinks container. A big box of popcorn kept her quiet but my spilling her Sprite in a bus tour made her very upset !

I remember the day , when Neil Armstrong , Aldrin and Collins visited Mumbai, I stood on the edge western express highway hoping to get glimpse of them as they rode into the city and left. Today, our tour guide told us Aldrin was there at a ceremony to welcome new recruits. What a commitment to the cause and towards fellow professionals. By the the time, we returned from our tour, the function had got over and we couldn't get chance to meet him.

Kennedy space center is not just worth the visit, it is a place to garner knowledge about the space that makes our existence on this earth so small and minuscule. Even a week may not be enough to see, learn and understand every exhibit and it provides. Most interesting was to see , feel and touch the stone from the Moon. This one looked like a piece of glistened black marble and was in complete contrast with the dusty image of black and white shown on IMAX.



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