Saturday, May 29, 2010

First day of US vacation - Bayside Miami, Hooters

Consecutive day at the Hooters and the bay side of Miami. I would be game for such an option any day. Introduced to 'Hooters' to just previous day, I now admire their market positioning. Outlandishly flirtatious but not cheap. ' Debonair' magazine in India thrived on similar concept. Singapore was their first international outlet 13 years ago.
Watching Athletic chiseled bodies of young women evokes an admiration for their physical fitness. ' What's their hiring policy ? ' Well, they have a standard size uniform, those who fit get selected , those we don't gets chucked out ' , a quick repartee from Latino guy with eyes fixed on sharp curves. Most of them appeared students who worked part time and they worked with passion and speed but not with great intelligence. But again physical beauty is no measure of intelligence quotient. Orange colour remind me of Holland, Shiv Sena and Bajarang Dal. I wonder how many years India would take to have hooters without fear of being ransacked by these two zealot organizations.

Another power boat ride next day but this time crowd was terrific. Four black male hunks played with each other physically, laughed boisterously shaking their bodies with tattoos of Christ and cross all over. One even had his b'day date tattooed on his back, while the other one with huge waistline had a tough time pulling his ever sliding shorts that exposed half of his underwear. When their gals joined, they matched them in size with their bulging breasts fighting hard to pop out from hanging cups of coloured cottons held by thin wiry strings. Tensile strength of the stitched threads passed the quality test. Akshta found another same age girl to run around as Colombian woman commented her having Latino Indian looks.

GPS is neat and it must be saving gallons of petrol on earth. When entered as ' South Beach' it took me to South Beach Cafe , when entered as 'Miami beach' it took me to 'Miami Beach hotel'. A lesson for a car driver be specific on the place. A vacant plot next to Angelina Jolie and Madonna is waiting to purchased and so are empty condos along the sea front.

Our car is Chevrolet red impala. Akshta chose it. Looks great amidst green foliage, foaming sea waves under blue sky. Ford laudedale has a neat neighbourhood and next door pizza in Italian restaurant beats all those from pizza joints. Miami is third in terms of skyline in US. I doubt that. Walking past South Beach Art Deco housing was nothing extraordinary but story of Gianni Versase murder next to his home took to me the riveting story of his murder - just a week before tragic event of Lady Diana's car accident. A vacant plot with cardboard placard giving names and age of US war heroes was grim reminder of US casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan. A fitting tribute to them by ordinary citizens on Memorial day,



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