Monday, March 08, 2010

Oh Kolkatta !

Arrival lounge at Kolkatta International airport has a signboard put next to the luggage conveyor belt. It says Do's and Don'ts on how to use luggage conveyor belt by specifying the maximum weight bearing load per meter. The list goes up to 10 points and also for Don'ts . I wanted to take photo but was admonished by young Kolkattian who was carrying huge Samsung LCD and appeared pretty confident of walking through customs . ' You are not allowed to take photographs inside the Airport, security will throw your camera out' . My meek protest of having no such notice board didnt go all that far with a thought of my new camera being confiscated.

On return, at the domestic terminal another noticeboard greeted me outside the security queue. This one had a list of people who should not be subjected to physical check. Started with President, Prime Minister the list ended up Mr Robert Vadra - son in law of Sonia Gandhi. The list doesn't include Priyanka, Rahul or Sonia. I wonder why is Robert Vadra a part of the list in this CPIM regime ?



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