Friday, January 29, 2010

Mumbai airport @ early hours

Most airports have their lounge after the immigration and security. At Mumbai airport, it is before the security. Once you pass security, you can't go outside.

A lesson learnt as I wait for two and half hours at the most domestic airport. Transfer from international to domestic was smooth affair as the bus goes through the inside prescient of the airport complex. A pink coloured Premier lounge card is given but it has no directions, instead mahindra holidays advertisement proclaim as ' My happiest holidays'. No one has any idea about the lounge location including jet ground staff and crew.

While being in the coach, driven from international to domestic airport , I see contours of new building that extends the current one at international airport. It will look good when it gets over but the unavailability of access road joining the western express highway is the first glimpse a travellers gets of Mumbai airport.

' He must be the biggest fool, if he were to give up Indian citizenship at this time ' - a statement reflected the oozing confidence of young entrepreneur of resurgent India. His statement impacted me as much as my statement of ABCD did on him. ABCD refers to those third, fourth generation of Indians born and raised in Africa, studied in UK buy their race and looks make the world look at them as Indians but they can't associate with India. In turn they join the club of ABCD - African Born Confused Desi.



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