Friday, November 13, 2009

'Auro' in 'PAA'

In my wildest imagination, I wouldn't have conjured that photo of 'Auro' in 'PAA' is that of Amitabh Bacchan. What an amazing creativity that must have involved top class sculptors, cast makers, make up artists, computer graphic designers. The illustrative, vivid description by Amitabh in his blog held me these artists in awe. To endure all that trouble and at the end of it give a theatrical performance is a tribute to Amitabh's abundance dedication to his profession. I like numerous others now await seeing this performance .

It is too early to talk about the commercial success of this movie but one thing is sure, it is going to get lot of accolades and recognition for physical portrayal of 'Auro"

I agree with another reader’s observation that Amitabh's posts away from home country - be it from another city, hospital, hotel and aircraft ‘ has lot of depth, profundity and fabulous choice of words . I guess his busy schedule in India and cacophony that surrounds him may not be giving him time and opportunity to synthesise his thoughts in fascinating words and expressions that has been hallmark of his blog.

His posts while being in London and journey through transatlantic had the same class as were from his posts from Singapore and elsewhere.



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