Monday, July 06, 2009

A Chance Encounter

After almost a decade, unexpectedly, without any inkling, you bump on to someone who you had interacted before. Your past interactions were time and subject specific yet intense enough to know about each other. In the face of changing circumstances, the interaction had come to a complete halt. Now this chance encounter happens in a new country and a new settings, not in isolation but in the presence of others.

What is the possible scenario that would emerge? Most likely could be the expression of delight of rediscovering some one who you had lost. Least likely could be that person may refuse to acknowledge you. If that happens, would you push yourself and make that person rekindle old memories? On the other hand, you may decide to slip away murmuring that there must be some confusion on your part and make dignified exit believing that there must be a justifiable reason for that person to behave in this manner.

I faced similar situation y'day and I chose the later option. However, my curious, imbecile mind still keeps wondering the compelling reasons for that person to behave in such a manner.


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