Sunday, June 21, 2009

T 20 world cup final

If any country needed the T20 cricket world cup the most, it is Pakistan. Sri Lanka winning a war over LTTE is on a high adrenalin of national spirit. Pakistan on the tenterhook of 'national collapse' needs this world cup to bring together a nation of chaos tattered by war with the Taliban. The world cup win would also be great palliative soothing for the wounded and bruised Pakistan cricket aficionados, shunned and shunted by ICC and other cricketing nations.

I do want to see the self effacing and modest Yunus Khan lift the trophy after blistering stroke play of Shahid Afridi but not without seeing wily Arjuna Mendis and Muralidharan choking the flow of runs for Pakistan. A match decided anything before a ball to spare or a scampering run on the last ball, will not be a fitting tribute to this pulsating game of cricket that is vying to emulate popularity of soccer.

I am yet to pen my experience of my visit to Karachi and perhaps this win of Pakistan could trigger me to shake my lazy fingers and thoughts. I haven’t watched on TV any of the the IPL and T2O world cup matches except super eight matches of India versus West Indies, England in Chennai and the one against South Africa in Mauritius. India may have lost all these matches but their self confidence and composure was evident in first two matches particularly the one against the crunch game against England. Dhoni and Yousuf Pathan were cool till the last few deliveries without swinging their bats in desperation or charging down the wicket well before a ball is delivered. They somehow had the belief in their abilities to convert couple of loose balls from England in to fours and sixes. To their dismay, England didn’t bowl any and the difference in the winning margin was equated to a mis-field by Yuvraj of the last ball of England innings.



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