Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Path to a New You

Basal Energy Expenditure
For Male: BMR = 66+13.8(W) +5(H)-6.8(A)
For Female: BMR = 655+9.6(W) +1.8(H)-4.7(A)
W = Weight in Kg , H = Height in Cms, A = Age in years

How did this formula come? I have no idea.
My BEE is 1,631. This is the amount of energy required I need every day to maintain my body’s normal metabolic activity, i.e. respiration, maintenance of body temperature etc. Anything more, it will store as Fat. My BMI is 28.5 and I am ‘overweight’. So obviously either I am overeating or lacking in exercise.

My ‘plantar fasciitis’ made me skip gym for almost six months. My Australian support sole has considerably reduced my Plantar fasciitis(tearing of the ligament on the bottom of the foot) and I hope my "Plantar" (bottom of the foot) and "fascia" (ligament) doesn’t aggravate my "Itis" (inflammation). Last time, my cycling halted the progress. I still have uneasy feeling and tend to hobble when I get up from bed every morning. Amazing, how a small ligament at the very bottom of my feel made my BBE and BMI go up!!!

Tri Energetics Book by Sanford and Todd Severin attempts to ‘Balance Nutrition, Exercise & Mindfulness for Lasting wellness’. They do it in very easy and entertaining way. I generally do not take fancy for any books or articles that dwell upon physical fitness through diet regimentation or excessive fitness. Some preach spirituality, yoga and meditation to reach the goal. This book takes practical approach. It balances all three elements.

‘I have a short attention span’. This was the comment by one of my colleagues during internal evaluation. I agree entirely on this observation. I love books that divide each page into smaller paragraphs and focus on one issue. This book too uses the same approach. My awareness towards BEE came through this book. It reinforced me the good things that I have been doing and alerting me on those that I have neglected. I have reasonable control on Diet, Stress but still way away from meditation. If my planter helps me to reduce BMI, I think I should be on course of the path that Tri Energetic has suggested.

This book has reinforced my belief in Jonathan Swift’s quote ‘May you Live all the days of your life’.



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