Tuesday, September 16, 2008

One never grows old...........

Y’day, September 15 was a national holiday in Japan to honor the elderly with 'Respect-for-the-Aged' Day. It’s noble idea to express the obeisance to long-time contributors to our society, celebrate their longevity and pray for their health .
Bodybuilder Ray Moon, who will turn 80 this year is living illustration how the respect for the elders can be won. He has turned 80 but instead of giving up on his health after being crippled by polio, undergoing a open heart surgery and fitted with pacemaker , he chose to march to Gym and become a champion bodybuilder -- the oldest in Australia and perhaps in the world.

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Blogger mashoodkk said...

As i see it......one of the character of modern society is the increasing number of youth getting old too early.........sapless straws even in spring.......
At such a juncture a man with his youth intact even in the eighties is inspiring........

2:52 AM  

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