Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Father's Day

Today is my Father’s day, not the one designated by Greeting Card Mfrs but October 10th happens to be my Father’s b’day.

Somewhere I had read about the changing perception of a son towards his father as he grows up. In initial years, a son looks at his father in admiration wondering how his dad knows everything in the world. I would also get surprised how my father would know the meaning of any word that I didn’t know. How effortlessly he could answer anything and everything from Biology to Space science. Then comes a teenage phase of son's life, during which Son becomes critical of his Father’s actions questioning the relevance of his knowledge and skills in the contemporary world. I too questioned my father’s display of 'anger and frustration' towards those who were at receiving end from the relatively stronger slice of the society, I doubted his courage in giving ultra high respect while talking to his superiors, I questioned his wisdom of ‘Passion for timely and regular attendance ‘ as a test for loyalty and result oriented functioning. Then comes a time, usually when Father is no more, that you hold father in great awe for his guiding principles and values that he espoused all his life. It happened with me too after he was gone and no more.

Today I carry some of his images and advice that stand in great stead. ‘A great writer can never be a leader but a great orator does’. His wholehearted belief that public speaking skills are what separate between a leader and his followers and that is true in any sphere. I remember going year after year to annual public speaking competition of ‘Nazareth Speakers Academy’ at hotel Taj Mahal Ball Room. His admonition to refer to dictionary makes me have it with me at home and office. I share his belief that appropriate and careful selection of words depicts one’s character and personality. I also remember his advice that knowing additional international language is a springboard for global success. His tremendous dislike towards Bettlenut, Tobacco, Alcohol and Gambling makes me tread a cautious path in my indulgence of all these dreadful habits.



Anonymous mangal said...

i really like your absolute honesty in relating to anything and everything. have u been like this always or have moulded urself to be like this?

2:20 PM  
Anonymous ishobhaa said...

just saw it and it is awesome... i read the one on Father's day... Though it is unfortunate that i could not enjoy my father's love and guidance as god took him away when i was only ten...still it felt good to read it as i did share the same with my mom

7:38 PM  

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