Monday, July 02, 2007

Melting Entrepreneurs of India

There is a shortage of 1 Rupee coin in India, particularly in the eastern part of India. All this is because of great business opportunity to export shaving blades to a neighbouring country. In Bangladesh, sales realization of a shaving blade is Rupee 3-4 per piece. Innovative entrepreneurs in Kolkatta, melt 1 rupee coin, make shaving blade and export to Bangladesh. Poor Government of India, it cost them more than 1 Rupee to make 1 Rupee coin

There is another product marketing situation where Govt of India is at the receiving end. And that product is Condom. Population of India is a billion but it also has nearly 6 million people afflicted with HIV and that’s why Govt of India to control ballooning population of India and restrict spread of HIV provides nearly 900 million free condoms. But most are usurped by entrepreneurs for variety of profit making product applications than it was intended for. Smart innovative Indian entrepreneurs have made availability of condom into a free available raw material and transformed into multi-product business for variety of industries ranging from toy, construction to defence. Millions of condoms are melted to turn into latex and made into Toys. Some are just dyed and sold as balloons. Toys and balloons are finished products but road contractors use this as an intermediate to strengthen road – they mix condoms with concrete and tar to create a smooth surface. City slum dwellers use it as a waterproofing for leaking roofs in monsoon season. Villagers find them useful to carry water from far away water taps. Even Indian soldiers cover their gun barrels with condoms as a protection from dust.

Over the years, Govt banished all coins below the denomination of 1 Rupee (1, 2, 3,5,10, 25 paisa) as it was expensive to make them than their worth was and also rising inflation made this denomination ridiculous. With rising shaving blade export, soon 1 rupee coin may also get extinct. But like rising shaving blade export benefits are multifold. Indian road will be smoother, slum dwellers will have leakage proof roofs, villages will have an efficient water transportation and kids will be cheerful and happy but all at the expense of population and growing HIV patients!!.

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