Saturday, May 05, 2007

Career Killers

Excerpt from article of Career Killers to Avoid By Robin Ryan, Career Coach.This book mentions some notable mistakes company people make in order to sabotage their own careers.

Lack of results.

Leading the list, and cited by every single executive in the survey, was the fact that not producing measurable results on the job is the sure-fire way of ending your career rise.

Not working at a job you're passionate about.
"People float through life as if it were boring, drudgery or a nuisance - often complaining, yet never determining what would fulfill them," noted a nonprofit director. Several CEOs commented that you'll never be happy if you aren't excited, interested, and enjoying what you do. The true key to success is discovering your inner passion and then finding a way to work in that arena.

Not having big enough goals.

"A key career stopper is setting your goals too low or not being willing to put in the time it takes to reach goals," noted CEO Randy Sheparo. "Believing 'I could never do that.' or, 'They'll never give me a raise.' means it probably won't happen." Don't pay any attention to those well-meaning naysayers who warn you that you can't do it. Assume anything is possible, and then do it. Take risks, try new things, initiate and learn and grow from your mistakes. "Act and you shall
achieve," notes a healthcare CEO. "Then, reevaluate and draw up even loftier goals - that's how you'll do more than you ever thought possible."

Thinking that money is everything.

A great salary doesn't equate to happiness. The CEO of a prominent service company says, "A reality I've observed for most people - executive or staff - is that they realize money means very little if you are truly unhappy." Job satisfaction is the number one reason people elect to find a new job.

Having a bad attitude.
"It kills even the most talented," said one top executive, who has observed many talented people rise and fall. The CEOs surveyed noted that "Nothing moves you ahead faster than the enthusiasm of a great can-do attitude."

Gossiping and playing office politics.
"I hate it when someone sabotages a superior to get ahead - that approach never works for long and really ends careers more than it makes them," one CEO said. "Gossiping is an immediate termination in my company," wrote another CEO, who's headed several large corporations. So many top executives noted that these two activities will undermine, cripple and even destroy your career. Another executive wisely noted, "When you get enmeshed in gossiping or office politics, you forget about the goals, mission and getting the job done. It'll lead to a lack of outcomes - a career killer every time."



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