Friday, September 29, 2006

R D Burman : Rah Pe Chalte Hain

Pancham Yahoo group .. is something i am fond of being associated with.I keep on discovering many nuances, traits and memories of my favourite music director- R D Burman.
Here is what what Mandar Trifaley writes about the song that is dear to my heart :
"I just went to the site called Music India Online and found really gem...Under Music Director section there is Boss's folder and I was listening Raah pe chalate hai...(Namkeen) and I heard the antara in own voice of LoRD. So just want to share this with everyone.
click the headline above and listen the song. LoRD is great "
Sabyasachi Chakrabarti writes
Dear Friends
I got a chance to meet RD along with Gulzar in a hotel named Casino in Cochinin 1980 where I was staying so were both of them too. After breakfast I wassitting in the lobby when I saw RD & Gulzarji entered and took their seat. Theywere talking to themselves and I just could not believe my eyes that if it wasRD?
Immediately I decided to meet them and talk, but at the same time I waslittle bit hesitant about my move, thinking if they would get disturbed. AnywayI took a strong decision and approached to them. I wished them first &straightway told RD in bengali that, "Panchamda I am too an ex student ofTirthapati and how I am lucky to meet one of my renowned senior here" And youknow what was his next reaction?"Aare Boso Boso (Sit down )" and he moved side way to offer me a space next tohim. Then he briefed Gulazarji about our school. We talked on so many items forabout an hour before I had to bid Adieu to them.
In that one hour I neverrealized that I was sitting with two stalwarts or icons. He was so simple, somuch humorous. They could have easily ignore me after a few talks. That morningwas one of my memorable morning of my life till date when Gulzarji recited twostanzas of Tagore's poem "Gagane Garaje megh holo barosa" it was unbelievable.
When I was about to leave, Panchamda told me in bengali " Tumi to Bombay te Jaoekdin eso aamar barite" means you often visit to Bombay, come to my home oneday. t sounded like were known to each other for long time. Till today I can notforget that voice.


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