Saturday, July 22, 2006

Israel's masterstroke ?

When Rafik Hariri – Ex Prime Minister was assassinated on February 14th 2005, with 600 Ton explosives and sophisticated precision trigger device, all fingers of accusation were pointed at Syria.

The theory was based upon two rational reasons:

1. Extensive military and intelligent influence that Syria wielded with their 14,000 troops based in the Lebanon at the time of the attack.

2. There was a public rift between Hariri and Syrian Leadership and Syria didn’t want Hariri to continue after serving two terms as prime Minister of Lebanon.

As Lebanese people triggered by American and Western Media poured on the streets to oust the presence of Syrian forces in Lebanon, I very much doubted the above logic of Syria being behind the above plot. First : Syria wont be naïve and politically stupid to eliminate Hariri -their political rival to make him martyr in the eyes of Lebanese population. Second : Even if they were to eliminate him, they won’t do it in a public glare – right in the Beirut’s cornice seafront – with tons of explosives set on the entire motorcade.

So who was to be benefited by this killing? The answer veers down to Israel and western Powers.

U.N. Security Council resolution, sponsored by the United States and France, were calling for the withdrawal of Syrian troops from Lebanon. They didn’t want nexus of Iran + Syria right at the door steps of Israel and Western Europe. Israel knew very well that as long as Syria is present in Lebanon, Hizboolah would have their supply lines intact from their political masters in Iran. Moreover, Israel was also aware that any action in Lebanon with Syrian presence would mean colossal casualty for them and a risk of full fledge Middle Eastern war.

Lebanon played in hands of Israel and western powers. Lebanon forgot the basic premise that in order to guard against a goon one needs to be in the company of another goon. Now Lebanon is hopelessly alone in the hour of crisis. Having thrown Syria out of Lebanon, they can’t even ask help of Syria nor will Arab pride let Syria come to the rescue to Lebanon. Western people all have been evacuated from Lebanon leaving Lebanese people to face barrage of Israel’s incessant bombing.

Hizboolah is stranded in southern Lebanon with all support from Syria snapped by bombing road linking Damascus and Beirut.

Look who has gained from Hariri’s assassination:

· Western Powers have succeeded in shunting Syrian forces out of Lebanon.
· Israel effectively eliminated any resistance and extended their rule to cover southern Lebanon as they did with Gaza.

Some analysts had commented “The nature of the blast carried out with smuggling 600 ton of explosives into the center of the Lebanon capital cannot be without the knowledge of Syria's omnipresent security service. But it is also possible that Syrian President Bashar Assad may not have been fully in control of the Syrian government in Lebanon and there were people making decisions inside Lebanon on Syria’s behalf”

I seem to get more and more convinced by the above argument.

For last 11 days, Western powers are mute and letting Israel demolish Hizboolah camps while thousands of civilians in Lebanon are being banished to helpless death and devastation. Once this mission is complete, Western powers would call for cease fire and blame Iran and Hizboolah for all this menace. Israel would resurrect herself with minimum damage cost while Lebanon goes back to 2o years to rebuild herself. Hizboolah would be finished for ever.

Isn’t this Israel’s genius masterstroke?


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