Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Da Vinci Code

I picked up the pirated DVD of this movie two months ago, in Chiang mai. I marvelled at the ingenuity of pirated DVD makers to get hold of coveted and well guarded print well ahead of its formal opening.

I wasn’t sure if I should watch this movie before I read this book. However, curiosity grew more intense after reading controversy from Orthodox Christian Groups in UAE influencing govt to ban this movie. I decided to watch this movie with English subtitles and all set to an engrossing journey to Louver Museum.

Movie started with fascinating panoramic view of France country side with interiors of castle of the clergyman who struck goldmine by deciphering of Da Vinci code. Beginning of the movie appeared more like a documentary but then it’s not so uncommon for director to delve into the back ground of the subject for the benefit of ignorant viewers like me. But somehow, this sermon went far beyond the precipice of human tolerance. With no Tom Hanks and Louver Museum in sight, I wondered if I hit the right button 'play movie' or something else.

After few fast forward transactions, it dawned upon me, this movie is ‘Origins of Da Vinci Code' and not “Da Vinci”. The word ‘Origins of’ is in fine print of DVD’s first screen. Package mentions only the movie title with pictures of Tom Hanks, Lour Museum and snippet of the script at the backside. My initial frustration soon turned into an admiration of Pirated DVD makers who displayed innovative business acumen of making a quick buck.

I wonder how many people must have bought the DVD of ‘Da Vinci’ only to end up in studying origin of this historical mystery.


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