Friday, April 28, 2006

Dubai from Aussie eyes!!!!

I read this in dubai-discussions@ yahoo groups forum by and found it apt,crisp and releavant:

Life in Dubai is different, in fact whole lot of different from Australia with some aspects better.

Things that are positive :

  • No crime, cheap fuel, very international.
  • Police are amazing. Very polite and helpful, but switched on. No attitude.
  • Business is easy to run, with fewer restrictions and opportunities more flexible.
  • At higher positions the rewards here are better than in Australia, financially and otherwise, for lesser experienced / qualified / in a lesser position, then the financial benefits would be far less ( 1/10th).
  • There are no politics here; no pressure groups, no political bickering, and things get done.
    The sheikh has support and respect that is usually only found for much loved apolitical Kings, such as in Thailand.
  • The pace, vision and development here is the envy of the world (or should be).
  • The hotels are lovely places to go out despite the shocking service and high prices.
  • The women here are treated with great respect, and also have self respect - contrary to Western beliefs.

On flip side:

  • There is rampant discrimination based on passport, particularly towards Indians, Filipinos, Indonesians, Chinese and Russians.
  • There is a very poor control of accommodation standards, working hours and payments towards workers. There is, overall, a very poor work ethic - too many staff doing too little for too long in almost all sectors.
  • Salaries are third world low for most, with no overtime, bonus or productivity incentive. No opportunities to better oneself through accredited training, apprenticeships etc, without expensive private colleges.
  • The organization, service standard, reliability and accountability of almost all companies here is appalling compared to most other countries.


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