Tuesday, June 14, 2005

The Teachings Of Buddha: Book leading to a journey of Peace and Serenity

One of the better ways to study the religion is to stay in a hotel, not to switch on TV and open the first drawer of worktable. Invariably, you will find a copy of Bible or Quran depending upon the geographical location. If you happen to be traveling to South East Asia, chances are - you may find “The Teaching of Buddha. “

This is hard bound bilingual book (English and Japanese) kept in most hotels with a donation by “Society for the promotion of Buddhism.” The type fonts of the writings are big so one can easily read under dim side lamp of the room (I always wonder why most hotel rooms are poorly lit)

This book does not extol the virtues of Buddha and Buddhism but simply explain his teachings in meaningful and simple way. Most of the illustrations given in this book are immensely practical for anyone to easily relate with daily incidents in life. The beauty of this book is that each chapter is distinct and does not link or carry forward from previous chapter. One can open any page at random and read it as a short story. Illustrations are often backed by anecdotes to make an entertaining reading for those who enjoy story narration. This book is not pedantic and does not use heavy words or innumerable references that some of other scriptures do. This makes the book interesting and enjoyable.

How arduous the task must have been for the authors to capture essence of Buddha’s teaching that are recorded in 5,000 volumes and that too extract those practical aspects of human life

One can request for a copy of this book from:

Bukkyo Denko Kyokau
(Society for the Promotion of Buddhism)
3-14, 4 Chome, Shiba
Minato Ku, Tokyo Japan 108
Tel: 03 3455 5851

Though this book is copy righted, it allows the contents of the book be quoted without permission but with an acknowledgement/ credit to Bukkyo Denko Kyokai, Tokyo. This reflects the openness this society espouses in spreading the teachings of Buddha.

Before I hit the “enter” button to post my review, let me write some of the wisdom quotes that made an indelible impact on me:

Quote :

A fool who thinks is a fool is for that reason a wise man. The fool who thinks that he is wise is called a fool indeed.

There are three kinds of people in the world. The first are those who are like letters carved in the rock; they easily give away to anger and retain the angry thoughts for a long time. The second one are those who are like letters written in sand; they give away to anger also, but their angry thoughts quickly pass away. The third is those who are like letters written in running water; they do not retain their passing thoughts; they let abuse and uncomfortable gossip pass by unnoticed; their minds are always pure and undisturbed.


I am sure all of you would enjoy reading this book as much I did.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Many years ago whilst on a business trip to Tookyo I unfortunately took sick and was confined to my Hotel bedroom for a week with daily visits from the local doctor and Hotel staff who were amasing in taking good care of me, in between these visits I had many many hurs of solitude as Japanese TV was not that entertaining. I happend across this book in my bedside draw along with Geidoens Bible. I picked up and opened t\The Teachings of Buddha and could not put it down, I actaully read the book twice from cover to cover in that week. It is the most enlightening and enjoyabe read I have ever experienced, I passed it on as a wedding gift to my nephew a few years ago and am now searching for another copy of the book for myself, I thoroughly recommend it to anyone what ever religion they happen to follow, it will not challenge what you beleive but it will make you think.
Peter Robinson

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