Saturday, January 01, 2005

animal instincts

Giraffe Mother after 14 months of prganancy has just given a birth to baby in standing position, with 2 meter vertical drop. A normal delivery for Giraffe!!. Mama is happy seeing her baby look cute and healthy but as the time trickles, she is becoming anxious. An hour has passed. By now baby should have been on her feet and walking. Her efforts of making baby stand up is not yielding any result. Baby is struggling to get up and slips in the process. Mama is worried. She glances around and realise what she feared has turned true. A lone Hyena a few paces away is watching the events with evil intent. Now Mama becomes desparate, goading and cheering her baby but poor baby is helpless. Baby continues to slip while trying to stand up. Mama is getting restless unable to decide what she should do. Sly Hyena is howling, inviting his fellow beings. Mama Giraffe decides, the only way is to start straddling away from baby, inciting her baby to follow her. Nothing happens; meanwhile Hyena start making advances to baby- her fresh flesh smell is inviting ravishing Hyena. Seeing Hyena reaching her baby, Mama Giraffe runs back kicking Hyena. Hyena retreats at safe distance. Mama Giraffe stands helplessly at baby – throughout night – hoping for miracle to happen. But destiny has decided otherwise. Baby Giraffe has died during the night and with rising sun, hoards of Hyena’s are now circling baby and Mama. Mama knows that it’s beyond her might to defend her baby. She starts slowly retreating. Her eyes are moist with sorrow. As she straddles few paces – her eyes turn back to get last glimpse of her baby. All she can see is mauled grass with Hyena all over.

Lion is restless , he hasn’t got anything to eat for a while. Being ruthless, he turns his might to his baby offsprings. He is about to pounce on his creation, but Mother Lioness comes to the child’s rescue and defends them from King. Her roar says it all, mix of disapproval and fear. But she knows the writing on the wall. She better find food for her hubby to make her little ones survive. With pounding rains- nothing seems in sight, except herd of huge Buffaloes. She has no choice – either take on the might of buffalo or invite the wrath of her hubby – she chooses her target. With few menacing scuffles, she grapples giant buffalo from back. Lion is watching her struggle with the buffalo but doesn’t show any interest. The grapple continues- looks like Lioness is losing her battle. Lion squirms, perhaps his pride is being dented. He decides that it’s time for him to save his wife. He lunges forward , lying down, he wrenches buffalo’s neck with his hands . He is trying hard to throttle her. Buffelo is standing erect as if she has rooted her legs in the ground. By now she is bleeding from her neck and back but she is not giving up. Sight of their fellow buffalo bleeding all over, yet standing erect against brut force two lions , unnerves by-standing herd of buffaloes. They are watching this spectacle with mix of awe, fear and helplessness. Seeing one of their family member being mauled by two lions is unnerving but Buffalo’s refusal to surrender is making them see a glimmer of hope and pride. Buffalo is still refusing to surrender, bloodied and bruised but still erect. This sight alone must have rejuvenated all buffaloes. They start marching towards embattled buffalo in unison. Their eyes riveted on lion without any sign of aggression but mere disapproval. Seeing the fleet of mighty buffalo army, lion and lioness loosen their grip; start retreating and slowly running away from menacing army of buffalo. Mauled buffalo with bloody injury marks of lions stands erect. I wonder what must be going through his mind.


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