Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Bhagavd Gita and Me

Will I be able to do this in 2004 ???????????????????

Fearlessness :Not possible when confronted with Pets,lizards….and ???

Freedom from Envy: Difficult when I see job ads that pay much more for lower designations

Purification of my existence: I try hard to unload all my past misdeeds… let us see How much I go …

Fortitude :What is that ???

Cultivation of Spiritual Knowledge:Cultivation on… more by interaction and reading !!!!

Passion for Honour :Forgotten since winning medal in 50 mt running in school. Now only new customer provide that

Charity :Try hard to inculcate, nanhi Kali is a concept that has been dear to me.

Forgiveness :Forgiven myself for my misdeeds !!! trying hard to do for others.

Self Control : sooooo… difficult to keep quiet .. when things contrary to my beliefs are said in front of me !!!!

Performance for Sacrifice : So easy… when I am less capable

Study of Vedas :think when I see Gita, Koran ,Bible in hotel room but they do bring peace whenever i rummage through

Austerity : With low income… it’s not so hard to be austere

Simplicity : Kanjoos hoga to simplicity apne aap aa jayegi

Non Violence :Poor Physique, Lack of courage( Fortitude?)… makes it so easy to be non violent

Truthfulness: Yet to figure out this… Is Truth that hurts someone is more potent that silence which connotes otherwise

Freedom from Anger : To a large extent have done that………..

Renunciation:It’s possible except innate desire to get admiration from others

Tranquility: Wow.. so beautiful to be tranquil… but not so easy amidst heat, dust and traffic jam of India.

Aversion to fault finding : yes.. but there is so much pleasure in gossiping

Comparison to all living entities : I am not nature protector….as much I enjoy nature

Freedom from covetousness : yes.. but difficult when it comes to selling blue chip stocks

Gentleness : I think I have except my hairy body

Modesty : behavior reflects otherwise… on the border of being snobbish

Steady Determination:Doing my best .. to at least to reflect in my Japanese Studies

Vigor : Slowly withering .. with weak knees and fondness of bed and sleep


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