Tuesday, February 04, 2003

For those in their Forty's-something's...

For those in their Forty's-something's...Hopefully this has summed up !!

They call it the "Half-life Realization."

It is when you gaze at those people who have tranquility written on their face and you start wondering where the secret lies.

You start feeling insecure about the financial security you have garnered and wonder if all that was worth it.

You start realizing that people basically want to be loved, liked and admired.
Those people who admired you when you were nobody are the one who are close to you. You look at your career. It has given you more than you have asked for. Now is the time, to help build those aspiring young minds that have spark in their eyes and resolve in their commitments.

You watch college kids and wonder how matured and knowledgeable are they compared to what you were at that age.

You are beginning to understand yourself and take pride in your ethos without societal pressures and expectations.

Your opinions have mellowed down.

You see what others are doing and find yourself seeing the nuances which otherwise were blinded .

You realize that your boundaries and barriers are breaking in your life and adding things which hitherto never existed.

You feel contented watching success of others. You laugh with others and cry alone.

You realize the meaning Osho's paradigm of " be alone but not lonely " Suddenly change is your best companion.

You try to savor nostalgic moments but race ahead to grapple with changing situation. You wish you were bit younger in your knees.

You wonder how being just good human being fetch you all the love that has eluded you in twenties.

You realize love, marriage, sex may not same side of a coin and treat each one on its own identity.

You go through emotions and questions over and over and decipher the answers not only in learned and wiser souls but teenage people who have probing mind.

You worry about your country, poor people and wonder what it takes to make their fortune change.

You realize that you are fortunate to see extremes of abundance and scarcity and trying to figure out if life was contented in either.

This goes out to all people who strive to achieve success not at the cost of being good human beings ... maybe it will spur them to feel that they are not alone in the that journey of blissful existence


Anonymous chavi said...

Hi Milind...,

Thought before I go must let you know that I think you are a swell person...a real Man..especially after our conversation. I wanted to tell you that but we got lost in other trajectories. I think the way you have handled your life with so much of dignity and without any bitterness...and so much love. It takes stupendous courage to do what you have done. It feels nice to to know you.

11:25 AM  

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